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The Whole Diane Rossi Story

Diane Rossi joined PRO-TEK ten years ago, 15 years before that, Diane was the General Manager of Hobart in Long Island City, and PRO-TEK was one of many customers serviced by her and her Long Island City team.

When I got to know Diane, we forged a relationship, and as I got to know how knowledgeable she was, and learned what a strong leader she was, I set my radar on her, as person I wanted to be part of my team.

For at least 10 years prior to Diane joining PRO-TEK, I tried every trick in the book to entice her to join us, but no luck, she was entrenched in the HOBART world, and nothing could move her out.

Eleven years ago, she called me and asked if I still wanted her, she was ready to make a move, and I still felt she would be a perfect addition to PRO-TEK.

A short (well, maybe not so short) negotiation began, we came to terms, and the rest is history.

Diane is nothing short of an industry icon, and that's a result of her undying passion for customer satisfaction, industry intuitiveness, and willingness to be on the front line of service 24/7/365 (unless it's a beach day).

Not realizing a secondary bonus we would get by getting Diane, a few years later, we got a Diane #2, otherwise known as Dani Rossi, with no less passion for success for herself and the company.

Diane has dedicated herself to building dealer and manufacturer relationships and it was not easy, but her commitment and focus, resulted in successes, that we are now seeing and enjoying.

On behalf of our customers, the dealers, the manufacturers, and us at PRO-TEK, thank you Diane, for hanging your hat on the PRO-TEK hook.

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